Wintech Limited 
Toys with the Winning Edge 
1239 Sonic Binoculars   

1328 Wiggly Gels Erasable

1256 Mini Tracer


    Wintech Limited, founded in 1991, is a dynamic toy manufacturer offering innovative products and professional services. Over the past years, the company has built its reputation on its outstanding product quality.  Our S-Tech line of Spy and Science Toys are consistent best sellers, and our unique Activity Toys are fun and educational.
    With fully-equipped production facilities of 3,000 sq.m. and over 200 employees, the company can also provide excellent OEM/ODM services.  All our products comply with mandatory safety and environmental standards such as EN71, ASTM, RoHS and REACH.  Our production facilities are also accredited with ISO9001, ICTI, GSV certification.     

  Our Product Range

  • Spy Toys
  • Electronic Toys
  • Activity and Creative Toys
  • Drawing and Tracing Toys
  • Motorized Pens
  • Blacklight Creativity
  • Infant Toys
  • Arts and Craft
  • Science Toys
  • Solar Power Toys