Wintech Limited 
Toys with the Winning Edge 
Our Product Lines
 Spy Toys                       
 We produce a spectacular and complete line of Spy Toys for children, all with real working
 functions, cool-looking design and great packaging.    Binoculars, Long-range Listening Devices,
 Security Alarms, Night View Goggles, Metal Detectors, Invisible Ink Writer, just to name a few. 
 They are innovative, and are fun and easy to use.  Get ready to play the hero!
Creativity Toys        
Unique and fun toys for drawing and creative play.  Our line includes super fun items like Motorized Pens, Tracing Toys, Drawings Boards, Etching Boards, Tattoo Writer, Engraver, Greeting Cards Maker, Paper Flower Kits, Spiral Arts and Blacklight Arts items.  All are well-deigned and great fun to play with.  Let your creative mind go wide, and sky is the limit! 
Games and Novelty        
Cotton Candy Maker, Air Hockey, Motorized Yo-Yo, Wacky Rolling Weasel Balls, Foam Disk Shooter, Finger Stunt Pens..... These are just a few of the fun and innovative games we produce.  Its great fun for the whole family, all produced in the best quality.
Solar Toys and Games
Environmentally friendly toys that do not use battery.  All work on renewable energy like solar power or hand-powered generators.  Educational and fun.  Great for gifts too!
Soft Vinyl and Infant Toys
A complete line of safe toys for infants and small children.  All are made from safe, phthalate-free materials that are stringently tested.   The material is soft and washable, and freshly scented.   Products include teethers, squeeze balls, squeeze animals, rolling mirrors and all kinds of fun colorful things.                                                   
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